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Cancellation Policy: Buy Online Health Products With Best Price

Medysale- Cancellation Policy

  • If the conditions are met, customers can cancel their package under our cancellation policy. To ensure that customers are aware of the cancellation rules, we encourage them to review our cancellation policies.
  • We will not ask you to cancel any orders you place with us, as we have a good reputation for delivering customer satisfaction. However, this may not be the case for you.
  • Sometimes, there are other factors that force customers to cancel their orders.

What Are The Steps To Cancel Orders On Our Portal?

  • Medysale cancellation policy is easy to understand. You can cancel your package online. You can cancel your order by calling our helpline number if you are unable to do so. In both cases, you must give a reason for cancellation.
  • You will be issued a cancellation invoice once you have canceled your order, provided it meets all terms and conditions of our cancellation policies.

How Do I Cancel My Order And Receive A Refund?

  • We first check if cancellation orders are in compliance with our cancellation policy. Next, we verify the order volume before calling our logistic and delivery team to move forward with the shipment.
  • As far as the refunding process goes, we don’t pay any refunds in cash or drafts. Only online payments are accepted. 
  • Customers will need to provide their bank account numbers as well as any other information to enable us to pay them.
  • If the information on your bank account is incorrect or invalid, we are not liable.
  • You will also need to wait for at least 7 days between the moment you place the online cancellation order through our portal and the time we process your order.
  • We are not responsible if the money does not reach your account within 7-10 days. Instead of calling us, please visit your bank and speak with them.

Cancellation Of Order Due To Out-Of-Stock Product

  • Your order will then be cancelled automatically by our side. If the medicine you ordered is not in stock, we will cancel the order.
  • We will respect your order on our portal by providing partial orders if it is within our capability and if we have the medicine in stock.

An Order Can Be Canceled Due To Delivery Delays

  • Sometimes, the customer might feel that delivery takes too long. We can help you manage your delivery time with our logistics and courier services.
  • You can cancel your order at any point during transit. If your package has already process by customs in your country, we may not able to refund you the full amount or deduct any customs duties.

Incorrect Delivery Of Product Resulting In Cancellation

  • We are responsible if you receive a different brand or dose of medicine than the one you ordered.
  • You have 8 days from the time you received your package to notify us of any errors or cancellations. Any requests received after eight days will be denied.