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Penis Size: How Can You Increase It?

Penis Size: How Can You Increase It?

Penis Size How Can You Increase It

Penis enlargers or the idea of increasing the size of your penis is just absurd. Many men believe that the size of their penis is smaller than average but in reality, it’s just an illusion. In fact, half of the men believe this while it’s just a typical average size. If this is true what is the average size of a penis?

Table Of Content

  • Penis Stretching Exercises (Jelqing)
  • Vacuum Penis Pumps
  • Penis Weights
  • Supplements & Surgery
  • Creams
  • Can Apple Juice Increase Your Penis Size?
  • Every man wants a larger size to satisfy their partner during sex and it is pretty much common to have this thought. 

    However the majority of men who believes their size or girth is too small, actually have the size that is deemed average size. Simultaneously many guys have an overblown view of what constitutes a ‘normal’ size.

    So what is the normal size? Well, according to researchers, 5 inches or 12 cm of an erect penis is the typical size while less than 3 inches or 7.5 cm of an erect penis is called micropenis. 

    If you have a micropenis, some so-called ways, according to the internet, can enlarge your size. However, this method is not necessarily true and reliable. Anyway, let’s take a look at some popular methods men often use to increase the girth of their penis. Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150, Vidalista 40, etc., can be used to get an erection.

    Penis Stretching Exercises

    Basically stretching refers to increasing the size of your penis with bare hands or using a gadget. Yes, you read it right, there are penis-enlarging gadgets and devices available in the market.

    However, there are no hard scientific shreds of evidence of these devices, but some men have claimed that the regular use of stretching exercises or stretching device can increase the size of your penis somewhat.

    4 Exercises To Increase Penis Size

    While some people also suggested the effects are usually minor and even transient in some situations.

    Vacuum Penis Pumps

    This vacuum penis pump comes in the shape of a cylindrical tube, the gadget uses suction force to pull blood into the tissue called Corpus Cavernosa and Corpus spongiosum inside your penis. When these tissues get filled with blood, it results in erection dysfunction. Using this device regularly can enhance the size of your penis.

    Studies have indicated that penile pumps can be helpful to men with ED but it’s not the most efficient kind of treatment. You should be careful while using pumps or any other devices as you are using them on some seriously sensitive parts of your body, it often leads to damaged tissue or blood vessels in your genitals. Before using it, consult your doctor.

    Penis Weights

    Penis Weights

    As the name itself gives out the meaning, penis weights are smaller weights that are hanged or attached to your shaft. Penis weights are also called penis hangers in some parts of the world. 

    You might be thinking about how these weights help to enlarge the size. Well, the answer is, the tissues are quite flexible inside the genitals. Regular squeezing and pulling exercises can change the shape over time.

    According to Campbell university’s research in 2017 on these gadgets, the primary theory underlying penis weights- that pulling it might expand it may have some validity. 

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    Supplements & Surgery

    Talking of surgery, there are many options available to surgically reshape your nose, lips, or chin. But penis enlargement surgery sounds risky, doesn’t it? There are a few surgeries that can increase the size of your penis.

    • Penis lightening surgery
    • Penile prosthetics and implants
    • Fat transfer and tissue grafting
    • Dermal filler injections

    This surgery involves ligament replacement from the penis to the center of the pelvis. The surgery enables the stuff to become more obtuse to the body, sticking out slightly farther from the Pelvis. Since the lower angle, the penis appears longer because it is more distinct and separate. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are some supplements that can enlarge your stuff according to internet rumors. However, these Kamagra 100 pills can treat erectile dysfunction to some extent.


    X-cream with L-arginine formula and V95 penis enlargement cream.

    These creams include complex sugars, vitamins, and PDE5 inhibitors which help in enlarging the girth. If you need more information please visit medysale.

    Can Apple Juice Increase Your Penis Size?

    Can Apple Juice Increase Your Penis Size?

    Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Well, this statement stands to its correctness. Apple has so many qualities that are good for your prostate and reproductive health.

    But there is no evidence that proves drinking apple juice enhances the size of your stuff.

    Wait this isn’t it, recently there have been rumors of apple cider vinegar too. Similarly, it doesn’t do anything to increase the size but it can treat mild ED symptoms.


    Does penis enlargement treatment work?

    It depends upon the treatment you have opted for if it is a surgery you may notice some significant increase in size but if you have chosen synthetic medicines there is very very little chance of you having enlarged stuff.

    Is penis enlargement safe?

    We can’t say it’s safe at all, there are negative impacts of everything and here you are talking about changing the anatomy of your body. 

    So yes, there are chances of you having damaged tissues inside your penis if you are trying any enlargement techniques.

    Do ayurvedic medicines work for enlarging the penis?

    There are certain ayurvedic herbs that claim enlargement of the penis but there is no scientific evidence to support the statement. But in countries like India, these herbs were widely used since ancient times. Some of these herbs are Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, kaunch beej, and shilajit.

    What is the cost of penis enlargement surgery?

    On average, it costs somewhere around $15000 but again it depends upon the type of surgery you are planning for and the region you have chosen.