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Return and Refund: Buy Online At The Best Price - Medysale

Medysale- Return and Refund

An Order Confirmation Will Email To You

  • Once you have placed your order (which is done on the payment page), we will send an email to confirm all details.
  • The mail will contain the specifications and prices for the medication.
  • You will then need to order the product and make a payment online. Once your order has been placed successfully, we will send you an acknowledgment confirmation with the final order amount as well as the delivery time.
  • If the Medysale team is unable to or unwilling to place your order, we will let you know in our final acknowledgment bill.

Dispatch Confirmation For Your Shipment

  • Once payment has been received, you can track your order through our portal. Once we ship your product, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • From the moment you place your order through our portal, and after payment has been made, it can take up to 24 hours.
  • We will send you a shipping invoice/bill containing your invoice number, shipping details, and instructions on how to track your shipment while in transit.
  • Each step will be explained in detail.
  • Please call our helpline number if you have any questions.
  • We will usually deliver your package directly to your home or office. Please do not change your shipping address once your order has shipped.

It’s Time To Receive The Package

  • For both territorial and local areas, our packages typically arrive in a matter of days. Unforeseeable circumstances can cause delays such as customs delays or natural disasters.
  • International orders can take longer. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to process your final order on our portal.
  • Be aware that customs checks might be required to ensure delivery on time. If the package does not arrive within the specified time, the customer will need to track it and call us for assistance.

Shipments That Have Been Lost Or Reshipped

  • Even though we are unlikely to be in such a situation, we cannot predict the future. If the package is lost in transit, we will normally reship it or refund the customer.
  • All costs, including taxes and customs duties, are the responsibility of the customer. For international and local orders, the customer should contact our helpline number if they have not received their package in 21 days.
  • We will usually reship the product to the customer or send it again at no cost.
  • These requests should be made to our customer support executive and helpline within eight weeks of final order placement.

Conditions For Return And Refund

  • Customers must notify the shipping company within seven days if they receive a damaged seal or tampered shipment.
  • We will issue a refund or return the order within seven days after verifying all details.
  • No Return and Refund are possible after 7 days from the date you received your receipt.