Often numerous men suffer from erectile dysfunction problems within their bodies. It negatively impacts their sex life, which puts them in a depressed state. Vega 100mg has brought a practical solution that works as a miracle within the men to avoid such conflicts. These tablets can offer what a man desires, from treating their erectile dysfunction problem to boosting sex power.

About VEGA 100

Vega 100 mg is also prescribed to men or patients who suffer from ED (Erectile Dysfunction) issues like any other oral medical prescription. This medicine has sildenafil citrate components that lose the muscles inside the veins and cause an increase in the penis’s bloodstream. Vega drugs 100 mg belongs to the PDE 5 inhibitors category, mainly consumed one hour before sex. Being into sexual intercourse and getting aroused along with stimulation for a long time is crucial, which can be done through erection only. To get a more prolonged erection, Vega 100mg is a suitable solution for you. The effects of this medicine stay up to 4 hours in men.

Usage of Vega 100mg tablets

The primary usage of the vega tablet is to cure the issue of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. This drug helps to increase the penis bloodstream, which leads to an erection.

As mentioned above, Vega 100mg belongs to the PDE 5 Inhibitors group. With the higher probability of engaging in sexual intercourse, Vega 100 mg could become your greatest supporter, offering you a more prolonged erection during mating. This medication is beneficial; however, an individual must take it one hour before engaging in sexual activity. Components of cGMP allow the bloodstream to work effectively inside the penis. The main vega 100 uses to increase blood circulation, which reaches the penis and leads to erect for a longer time without any inconvenience.

The correct way to consume Vega 100 mg tablets and how to use vega 100

Here we bring a summary of the consumption of Vega 100 mg tablets. Take the dosage of this medication that your physician prescribes. Gulp down the whole tablet without chewing or breaking it inside the mouth. Rest is up to you, whether you want to take the medication along with a meal; however, you can consult your physician for a better procedure.

How many dosages of Vega 100 mg should be taken in a day?

First and most importantly, we should know how to use vega. We want to share that do not indulge in self-treatment practice, as it can put you in a dangerous situation. Often, doctors suggest one tablet daily and take it one hour before engaging in a mating session. Man cannot do overdosage (take more than a single tablet in a day or 24 hours). The effects of this medication vary from man to man; in some men, results are shown within 30 minutes of consumption, whereas in some men, it takes at least an hour to show the effect

Side effects

Like any other medication, there are some side effects of vega 100 through its consumption. But chances of being affected by side effects are too low, as often it gets through overdosage. Though, if you ever face the below-mentioned side effects in minor or significant stances, then immediately contact your physician:

  • Dizziness
  • Cerebral pain
  • Annoyed stomach
  • Expanded vision to light
  • Obscured vision
  • Flushing
  • Inconvenience distinguishing green and blue hues.
  • Diminished vision
  • loss of hearing

What are the benefits of Vega 100 mg?

Now you may know that vega 100 dosage shares the benefit of treating erectile dysfunction in men. It helps them erect for longer and increases stamina during sexual intercourse. However, if you are not diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, then do not take this medicine because it will not help you with sexual intercourse. It may put you in harm.

What to do in the case of missed and overdosage?

There are probably two situations where a user gets complications while treating Vega 100mg medication. Here are quick solutions for you:

Overdosage: If you overdosed on Vega 100mg by any means, immediately reach your doctor since the symptoms have already begun to develop within your body. These professional medical staff will help you from getting into significant illness circumstances.

Missed dosage: Vega 100mg should be taken only when you engage in a mating session. Otherwise, it is useless as the effect can only stay up to 4 hours.

Extra Dosage Of Vega 100:

Vega Extra Cobra 120 Jelly

Important Guidelines

Interact with your doctor or follow the precautions if required before starting the treatment of Vega 100 mg so that it will not cause you any unwanted side effects.

  1. Share the insight of your previous medical record with your physicians, such as liver, heart, or kidney problems. Even if you are on other medication treatments, share this to avoid any upcoming side effects that can be born within your body. Such information should be discussed briefly.
  2. Alcohol and Tobacco are banned during the treatment of erectile dysfunction as they can act as a barrier to attaining healthy effects.

How to store Vega 100mg?

  • Please keep it away from pets or children, as this drug is designed for adult males.
  • Store this medication at an average room temperature.

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How much time can a user receive the effects of Vega 100mg?

Usually, it takes 30 to 60 minutes to reflect healthy or desirable effects within a male. But somehow, it varies from man to man.

No, please do not consider it for other sexual purposes, and consult its consumption from a certified physician beforehand. Even do not engage in self-treatment. Vega 100 mg is mainly designed for erectile dysfunction; this drug has no other uses.

As we mentioned above, Vega 100mg can bring variations in your blood pressure. Even it may drop your blood pressure. Therefore, it is crucial to take it on the doctor’s prescription and share your other body problems or diseases (if any).

No, it never affects sperm count; also, this drug is clinically tested.


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